Nepal Tiger Safari and Ancient Traditions
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Julian is an exceptional person. He was great to travel with through some very challenging times. He was always caring and helpful. No matter what difficulties we encountered he was always ready to help and work overtime to assist me. He was also a lot of fun to be with and we enjoyed many experiences together. I would definitely travel with him again.
Nancy Ney, Jan 2023
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Trip Summary

Even the most experienced travelers will be satisfied when traveling through one of the best-hidden gems of the Indian Subcontinent. You'll get to know Bardia National Park and its surrounding areas, where the densest population of the Royal Bengal Tiger roams freely. Besides Tigers, this pristine ecosystem is home to Rhinoceros, Leopards, Swamp Deer, Gangetic, Dolphins, and Elephants. The park is located in Southern Nepal, in a region called Terai. Apart from the Safari, you will get the chance to know the Danguara Tharu people, the original inhabitants of the Terai region, as well as visit one of the world's most mystic capitals: Kathmandu

You will arrive at Kathmandu International Airport (KTM), where your driver will be waiting to take you to your accommodation. Nepal's capital is a city that will stimulate all your senses when you step on it, its buzzing tuk-tuks, ancient temples, and curious inhabitants make up a mosaic that will be recorded on your retina and your perception.

Each traveler has their way of blending with a city, therefore, during your Kathmandu stay you can choose what transportation method to use, where to eat, and your times. You can choose to be accompanied by a local guide, or visit the city and its surroundings on your own.

Depending on your arrival time and energy, you can opt to rest or start discovering the city's intricate maze of alleys. Your accommodation will be near Thamel, Kathmandu's liveliest neighborhood and den of intrepid travelers for at least half a century.

What’s included:

  • Hotel
  • Airport Transfer
  • Private Guide


  • Private Guide

After breakfast put on your walking shoes and head to Swayambhunath

Stupa - AKA Monkey Temple- This Buddhist complex lies at the top of a

small hill and is home to hundreds of Short Tail Macaques, Asia's most

common monkey. After your visit to the Stupa, you will proceed to Kathmandu's Durbar Square, an exponent of the opulence and refinement of the dynasty that dominated Kathmandu Valley for centuries. You will see royal palaces, shrines, museums, and plazas. Enjoy this World Heritage Site before you head to Boudhanath Stupa, one of the most iconic cult places in the country. Surrounding the Stupa there

are Tibetan shops and monasteries, you'll find the devotees offering their

prayers in this Mandala-inspired spheric shrine. In the evening, get ready

to go to one of the most sacred places of the Indian Subcontinent: Pashupatinath. Which is Nepal's oldest Hindu temple, located on the bank of the Bagmati River, this solemn compound is where the devotees cremate their relatives. Around 6 pm the Aarti Ceremony takes place, a ritual performed in honor of Hindu deities. Get back to your Hotel where you can rest till tomorrow, or recharge your energy before

experiencing Thamel's night scene.

What's included:

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast


  • Private Guide
  • Private Vehicle

If you are a person who likes art, architecture, old cities, and living culture, be prepared because Bhaktapur blends all this in a time-travel-like World Heritage Site. 8 miles away from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur has been erected for over 400 years. Before Nepal was a National State, it was a set of kingdoms, being Bhaktapur one of the most powerful. 

Newar people have been the inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley for centuries, developing a complex and sophisticated urban civilization. Bhaktapur is the major exponent of Newar architecture, which influenced the Asian continent, inspiring the storied pagodas that can be seen in Japan and China. Nowadays, the old city remains a cultural center for the Newar people who maintain their traditions, arts, and lifestyle. Take most of the day to explore the ancient city before you return to Kathmandu.

What's included:

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast


  • Private Guide
  • Private Vehicle
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Track Tigers in the Wild | Get to know the Taru Ethnic group | Explore Kathmandu | Make walking, rafting, and 4wd Safaris | Discover one of the hidden gems of the Indian Subcontinent
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