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Mantoa's excursions are simply so exhilarating and full of diversity and adventure! I felt like I had an all-round experience and discovered more about the place than I'd anticipated. I loved learning and tasting different South African dishes and sightseeing the key areas. She is very meticulous and clear. I felt at ease and comfortable. Her warm and fun personality adds an extra flare to the overall experience! I look forward to planning my next trip with her!
Hombakazi, 2021
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Trip Summary

Discover what makes South Africa special by exploring North West Province, a landscape of beautiful mountains and unique vegetation. Fall in love with the incredible South African Wildlife experience at Pilanesberg National Park, and feel the tranquility nature offers. In the midst of the wild, immerse yourself in an African traditional Cuisine, a Boma Dinner, served under the stars. Get fascinated by the local cultural energetic dance performance and the interactive drumming show. In the heart of the Bushveld, discover the South African cultural diverse ethnics, traditions, and Ubuntu. North West is also home to the World Heritage site where the first Human species were discovered. And if you are an adventure seeker, you will enjoy ziplining, Aerial Cable car, and skydiving! There is one thing that unites South Africans in the local township communities, and that is the traditional local township Braai known as Shisanyama to enjoy.

Arrival at OR International Airport in (Johannesburg). You will be taken to the nearby township 20km from the Airport. Experience a safe and relaxed atmosphere in an ambient where you will be mingling with the local township community while at the same time feeling the vibes and partying mood of the locals. Enjoy the famous succulent Braai meat that South Africans are known for and proud of, known as “Shisanyama”. You will taste mouth-watering authentic & contemporary African cuisine dishes to welcome you to South Africa.

Thereafter, you will be driven for one and a half hours to your first accommodation, which is at the Aha Lesedi Cultural Village 3-star Hotel situated at the Heart of South Africa, famously known for providing an authentic experience that conveys a window into the diverse South African Traditions, Ethics and Cultures.

What's included:

  • Transport
  •  Braai Lunch 
  •  Hotel
  • Dinner
  • Soft Drinks

After breakfast, you will be driven for 45 minutes to a World-class exhibition, focusing on the development of humans and our ancestors over the past few million years. Take a journey through time, starting with the formation of the planet and moving through the evolutionary processes that culminated in the world as we know it today. Thereafter, enjoy the fun underground boat ride dominated by cave structures and the sound of rumblings from deep in the Earth while revealing 7 elements made of planet Earth.

After the 2-hour tour, you will head to another historical cave where the first human species were discovered. The tour will start above ground and then take you deep into the caves, you will get to learn about the world-famous fossils dating back more than 4 million years. You will also learn about cave formations and geology, early life forms, mammals, and hominid evolution.

Then, you will have time to relax before enjoying a lovely dinner! 

What's included:

  •  Breakfast
  •  Dinner
  •  Soft Drinks
  • Hotel 
  • Tours
  • Transport

You will drive to the Lion and Safari Park boasting 1000 hectares of self-game drive in the home of indigenous species such as Lion, Cheetah, Hyena, Leopard, Wild Dog, Sable antelope, Kudu, and Nyala. 

After the safari, you will be transferred to the Hartbeespoort Dam Aerial Cableway activity, about 30 minutes drive. The Aerial Cableway ride of 1.2km offers panoramic views of the Magaliesberg mountain, Hartebeespoortdam, and the surrounding areas. 

Once you reach the top, You will be treated to a light lunch at the Deck restaurant enjoying a scenic view. After lunch, you will be headed for a gentle walk of 1,2km educational with incredible views from all angles.

Then, you will be transported to the final destination accommodation which is a 1 hour 30 min drive to the 4-Star Bakubung Bush Hotel. At this hotel, you will enjoy a game drive and peaceful nature, and get to see some of the Big Five Animals. Enjoy a yummy dinner and sleep peacefully.

What's included:

  •  Breakfast
  •  Light Lunch
  •  Soft Drinks
  • Activities
  • Hotel
  • Transport
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Aha Lesedi Cultural Village | Lion and Safari Parl | Bakubung Bush Lodge | Tandom Skydiving & Ziplining
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Mantoa Selepe was born in the rural areas of South Africa, where she was constantly surrounded by mountains, animals, and nature. She is adventurous, enthusiastic, a fighter for the woman's rights, she is an avid nature traveler who loves exploring various places where she feeds her curiosity and inquisitive mind about the diverse South African cultures, whilst experiencing the tranquility that nature has to offer. She challenges herself by disrupting the process each day by embracing the new radical ways of traveling which ultimately bring new experiences by sharing the various cultures of South Africa with travelers.

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