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What we do. We are a community of passionate world explorers and we care about giving you the ultimate meaningful travel experience.

Welcome to WithTravel! We are a marketplace who connects travelers with travel planners who are more than travel agents— they are extensive travelers themselves. We found that nomadic travelers can create the most unique and authentic itineraries. They know the insider knowledge thanks to their time living in location, they know all the ins and outs of traveling across the globe, they can relate to you and your background, and they can help arrange it all for you. Want to experience the local culture? Taste the local cuisine, and explore hidden gems that are not known to the masses? WithTravel Adventure Planners are here to help.

Not only are we a marketplace, but we are also determined advocates for a shift in the travel industry. Our mission is to bring more awareness to the priceless knowledge gained from a shift in perspective, and to the dire need to make ecologically healthy choices when traveling.

Meet expert Adventure Planners

Our Adventure Planners are cultural enthusiasts, thrill seekers, wildlife lovers, and travel experts. They’ve been uncovering the authentic world through a travelers eyes, not a curated one. They are seasoned travelers who lead nomadic lifestyles, meaning they've not only traveled to but also lived in different countries. So they know the insider info while also knowing the ins and outs of traveling there.


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Our promises

People Focused, Local

We believe the people we meet on our journey make or break our experience, and that is why the itineraries our travel experts design contain moments of meaningful interaction with local communities. We want you to have a glimpse of the heart & spirit of the destination.

Immersive Itineraries

Our Adventure Planners are not mainstream tour operators. They know their destinations inside and out - simply because they lived there and experienced it like a local! They will show you the hidden gems that give you a 360 experience that will leave you with a wow feeling.

Ethical, Sustainable

More than anything, we care about ensuring that our trips are ethical and respectful to local communities as well as the environment. We take the responsibility to positively impact local communities and protect livelihoods. Our Travel Planners partner up and support small local businesses directly to insure that your money is making the biggest impact.

Immersive and Creative

Travelers are becoming more and more focused on enrichment travel rather than just material goods, hence,travel will no longer be about the...

People Focused

Travelers are becoming more and more focused on enrichment travel rather than just material goods, hence,travel will no longer be about the...

Ethically operated

Travelers are becoming more and more focused on enrichment travel rather than just material goods, hence,travel will no longer be about the...

Our happy travelers

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our customers had to say about our travel experts and the journeys they create

Sally Sanko

Monica made traveling through Egypt easy, comfortable, and fun. Not only was Monica able to navigate the country and language with ease, but she also facilitated cultural exchange between me and the people we met along the way.

Megan Nelson

Monica made our entire trip seamless! Her knowledge of Cairo and the surrounding area, Egyptian culture, and excellent communication throughout the process set the tone for what turned out to be a fantastic experience.

Maria Tate

Jay is so friendly and easy to communicate with. She prompted a trip to Bali, took my travel ideas and plans into consideration, as well as offered her recommendations. It was incredible, I would not hesitate to let Jay plan another trip!

Darinka Krul

Travelling with Daphne is a true pleasure. Her enthusiasm for new cultures is fantastic. She is very easy going, gets along with everyone, has unlimited energy and makes sure you're enjoying your trip the fullest! I would highly recommend!

Michael Angelo Orengo

Jamie provided me with a driver to and from the airport, selected a comfortable and affordable accommodation to my liking (within walking distance from the beach), and planned a nice mix of fun filled activities and down time for rest.

Fabiola Aurelien

Jamie has a gift of travel. What I found amazing, was her ability to curate an itinerary that balances the must see main attractions with the lesser known but no less amazing attractions of the country.

Frequently asked questions


Here is what our customers usually want to know. If you can't find the info you're looking for below, reach out to us through our chat function, or email or phone us (details at the bottom of the page), and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

How does the WithTravel platform work?

Our travel marketplace is a platform that connects travel experts (who we call Adventure Planners) to travelers who want to experience authentic travel. You can browse through Adventure Planner profiles, read reviews from other travelers, and select the journey (aka itinerary) that best fits your needs. Either you book it right away, or you can customize it to your preferences. The Adventure Planner works with licensed travel agents to take care of everything, from booking accommodations and transportation to arranging activities and tours. You pay an all-inclusive price that covers the services of your planner and all that is indicated as included in the journey (this is clearly outlined on the journey page).

What does the process look like?

Here are the steps to make the process of booking your dream travel as smooth as possible:
1. Match with an Adventure Planner: If you don’t know your travel style, or there’s just too many Adventure Planners to choose from— we’ve made it easy! Take the personality quiz and be match within 24 hours.
Book your FREE Call: Let us know what time works best for you, and we’ll make sure to get you on a call with an Adventure Planner in no time. You’ll get to learn all about your journey of choice, get to know what your Adventure Planner could create for you, and get answers to any questions you have.
3. Receive your FREE Itinerary: After your call, you'll receive an Action Plan outlining your specific planning journey. Once agreed on, you’ll receive your free unique itinerary in your email. You'll be able to review and tweak it as you need.
4. Confirm your Booking! Once the itinerary looks perfect, pay 50% of the total trip cost, inlcluding all the planning fees to confirm your booking. Your Adventure Planner will begin bookings and confirm everything will be arranged for you. You just have to pack! 90 days before your trip, you’ll pay the remaining 50%.

Looking just for some advice? Maybe you would love advice, tips, and tricks from one of our Adventure Planners but you don’t need the planning services. All Adventure Planners offer 40-minute consultations for just $75 USD where you can get all the information you could ask for, followed up by a list of recommendations.

Are flights included in the price?

No, flights are not part of any standard packages that WithTravel Adventure Planners offers. Some Adventure Planners are equipped to help with this, but not all are licensed or capable of securing the best flight deals.

What if I want a trip that isn’t currently offered?

Our Adventure Planners can often plan trips for additional destinations that they’ve lived in or traveled to. Just ask! We are also adding new Adventure Planners to the platform every week so check back for more offerings.

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